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Why you should advertise on net?

It is the easiest and most cost effective way to reach engaged consumers in a targeted way. Online advertizing is an organized way of advertizing.

1. Targeted form of advertisement: Online advertising gives advertisers the ability to define who, where and how they want to reach their audience. This enables them to be more targeted in their online approach compared to other media and eliminates a percentage of wastage when it comes to marketing spend.

2. Availability: Your advertisement is available 24/7 for the period you have purchased. You have a longer exposure time for the period which you have paid.

3. Cost effective:The cost of advertising online is cheaper than other media. In online advertising you are paying for the target viewers but in television, radio and the newspaper you are paying for the popularity of that media.

4. More Space:You can communicate a larger amount of information about your business to your target audience online. Even a static banner advertisement with limited size specifications, have click-through capabilities which means your audience can click through to your website to find out more.

5. Targeted audience:You can target exactly who sees your advertisement resulting in a highly receptive audience.

6. Pull your audience:Through the use of keywords on the search engines, you are attracting an audience who is not only searching for your product or service, but is already receptive or open to it.

7. Rapidly growing audience:Internet is becoming the need of masses and hence internet audience is growing rapidly.

8. Analysis:PPC (pay per click), directory listings and SEO (search engine optimization) offers better targeting of a specific audience, measuring the impact that an advertising campaign has on them, analysis of data and ultimately increasing ROI (return on investment). Feedback can be accumulated on a constant basis opening a door of opportunity to adjust and make changes to an ad campaign where shortcomings are assessed and noticed.

9. Interactivity Interactivity of online advertising is offered by none - TV or Print Media. Customer can respond to an Ad and that can be measured too. You can see an ad and buy from there.

10. No Gegraphical Barrier: Internet removes the restriction of geography . Shopping Locally is no longer the only choice. Goods can be ordered from any where. Your advertisement is internationally available to the engaged viewers in a targeted way.

Free online advertising online is a good way for a business to attract new customers without having to spend a fortune in the process. Every small business recognizes the need for promotion and with some creativity and a little effort there are a number of ways it is possible to advertise a business for free today. Obviously, using the Internet presents many good opportunities for low-cost or free advertising, and since most companies have websites to support their main business, there are myriad ways to get a website noticed, attract more visitors and ultimately make a sale. For most small businesses in the U.S., television ads are just too expensive for a small enterprise to produce and air for any significant length of time. Magazine and radio advertising are less expensive than TV, but can still be quite expensive to maintain when part of an ongoing business campaign