Sexology, sexologist doctors in amritsar night night fall treatment in amritsar nightfall treatment

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sexology, sexologist doctors in amritsar night night fall treatment in amritsar nightfall treatment
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Consultation and Treatment
Dr. arora Clinic is providing consulation for your problems and provide treatment using Herbal, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines. You can fix the apointment
Consultation and Treatment
Male Sex Diseases
Sex Treatment, Sexual Debility, Weakness, Anorgasmia ( Lack of Desire ), Insufficient Erections, Hardness of Penis Less, Impotency, Loss of Erections with or without seminal Discharge, Early Fall, Premature Ejaculation, Scanty Semen, Thin Semen, Oligospermia, Night fall, Penis not Develop Properly - Hypogonadism, Masturbation Habit, Homosexuality in Males, Venereal Diseases - Syphilis, V D, Gonorrhoea ( Yellow, Green Discharge from Penis ), Chanchroids ( Small Cuts on Penis ), Inflamation of Penis, Itching of Penis, Eruptions on Penis

Female Sexual Diseases
Mensuration Disorders - Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Menorahogia, Metrorrhagia, Leucorrhoea ( Yellow, White, Green, Discharge From Vaigina ), Anemia, To Increase Breast Size - hypertrophoy of breast, To Reduce the size of Breast - hyportrophoy, Homosexuality in Females, Nipples Cracked or Painfull, Unfair Complexion, Itching of vagina, To Increase or Decrease Qty. of Milk in Breast, Pain During Intercourse, Lack of Desire, Absence of Sexual Pleasure during Intercourse, Habit of Masturbation

Urine Problems
Enuresis ( Bed Wetting ), Dysuria ( Pain During Urination ), Watery or Milky Dhatu with urine, Blood with Urine ( Haematuria ), Polyuria - Freequent Urination, Albumin in Urine, Weakness after Urine, Burning during urination, Urine in Double Streaks

Skin Diseases
Eczema, Tenia, Acne, Unfair Complexion - To Improve Colour, Chlosoma Scars, Blotches

Height Increase Treatment
To grow more tall in male and females, Short Height ( Dwarfness )

Deaddiction Treatments
Voluntarily or Involuntarily for habit of opium, morphine wine, whisky, cigarette, Gutkhas, Tobacco

Hair Problems
Falling of Hairs due to any reasons from head, eyebrows, Beard, Mustaches, Genital Parts, From all parts of Body, Alopecia, Falling of hair in round patches, Dandruff, Itching of Scalp, To promote growth of hairs, To lengthen the Hairs

Treatment of Piles
We provide complete treatment for piles - with bleeding or without bleeding


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